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Fun recycling activities to include in your classroom

 Fun recycling activities to include in your classroom

Fun recycling activities to include in your classroom

  • Monday 22 April 2019

It’s never too early to teach children about recycling! From learning about the environmental benefits, to seeing how everyday waste products can be repurposed, recycling is a fun, rewarding and thought-provoking practice. 

Here are simple ideas to get you started: 


Sustainable use and repurposing your paper

Printing on both sides of the paper may seem like such a small thing, but its environmental impact is massive. 

Check out the following statistics, obtained from the WWF Website:

  • It takes an average of 5 litres of water to produce one piece of A4 paper.
  • 93% of paper comes from trees.
  • Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste.
  • Every tree produces enough oxygen for three people to breathe.


Check out this short video by Domtar on The paper-recycling process. 


Implement a multi-colour recycling bin system

Download the free 'How To Set Up A Recycling System: A School's Guide' resource pack from Planet Ark here.

'A recycling system involves collecting recyclable materials at school and taking them to (or getting them collected by) a recycler. Remember though, it is always better to reduce waste first, reuse where possible, and then recycle.'

But why is recycling so important? Here are just some of the benefits, obtained from the Planet Ark website.

  • It reduces the amount of waste going into a landfill, helping to prolong its useful life.
  • It saves energy and thus greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It creates jobs.
  • It saves natural resources such as oil and water.
  • It reduces pollution.
  • It provides raw materials for industry.
  • It makes a difference!

Watch this short video from Media Operations Centre with your pupils.