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Pupil Workbooks

With over thirty years of research and continuous development, we're more excited than ever about ensuring you have the right tools in the classroom.

That's why we're here to help you find exactly what your pupils need to ensure they have the perfect daily skills practice resource to meet the specific needs of your class and school group.

Get ready for back to school now...

Workbooks hold a distinct and valuable place, offering a multitude of advantages for pupils and teachers alike.

  • Daily practice for concept reinforcement
  • Engaging activities and illustrations
  • Bridging prior knowledge with new information
  • Addressing curriculum gaps
  • Enhancing existing curricula
  • Individualised learning insights
  • A nurturing space for skill refinement.

You can be assured that our bestselling series' are perfect for your classroom and your pupils for daily skills practice.


What do Prim-Ed's workbooks add to your booklist?

  • Daily skills practice and weekly assessments to ensure your pupils progress
  • Spaced repetition of concepts throughout the school year so you, the teacher, don't have to re-teach key concepts
  • Workbooks/daily skills practice is great for reinforcing taught concepts at home as well as in class

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  • For schools and teachers using Prim-Ed workbooks, we provide free digital Teacher Guides. These guides are essential for planning lessons and enhancing the use of our workbooks.

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Please note: A valid school postal address is required, as Teacher Guides are sent to the school address.

Workbooks and teacher guides from Prim-Ed Publishing

Our collection spans across key subjects, including:


Explore the enriching world of language with our comprehensive range of English workbooks. Our resources are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of primary school pupils, providing a solid foundation in English language and literacy. 


Our Mathematics workbooks provide a comprehensive approach to learning Maths, offering engaging activities and problems that encourage pupils to learn and understand mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way.


We also offer a variety of reference workbooks that serve as invaluable resources for both teachers and pupils, covering various topics and subjects essential for primary education. These resources serve as excellent guides for a range of subjects, providing clear, concise explanations, and examples.

Features and benefits of workbooks for primary teachers

  • Comprehensive curriculum coverage: Our workbooks align with the UK primary school curriculum, ensuring that all necessary topics are covered.
  • Up-to-date content: We continually update our resources to reflect the latest educational standards and practices.
  • Engaging and interactive: The workbooks are informative and engaging, designed to keep pupils motivated and make learning enjoyable.
  • Teacher support: Free digital Teacher Guides complement the workbooks, offering structured lesson plans and strategies for effective teaching.
  • Free sample workbooks: Experience the quality of our workbooks first-hand by requesting free evaluation packs, including our latest workbooks like New Wave English in Practice and Reading for Me.

What is a pupil workbook?

A pupil workbook is a carefully structured educational resource that supports classroom learning. It offers exercises, activities, and problems for pupils to solve, helping them to consolidate their learning and practise new skills.

What is a pupil workbook used for?

Pupil workbooks are used as supplementary resources to reinforce what is taught in the classroom. They offer additional practice and help pupils to apply concepts in various contexts, aiding in a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Pupil workbooks are used to:

  • Enhance understanding of core subjects like English and Mathematics
  • Provide practice exercises to consolidate learning
  • Offer additional challenges to advance pupils' skills
  • Serve as a reference tool for both teachers and pupils

Pupil workbooks can be used for a variety of educational purposes, including:

  • Reinforcing classroom learning: Workbooks supplement classroom teaching, allowing pupils to practise and solidify their understanding.
  • Homework assignments: Workbooks are often used for homework, helping pupils continue their learning outside school hours.
  • Assessment: Teachers can use workbook exercises to assess pupils’ understanding and progress in different subjects.

How homework promotes learning

Homework, when used effectively, can significantly enhance a pupil's learning experience.

For children, homework encourages independent study, reinforces classroom learning, and helps pupils develop essential skills like time management and self-discipline. 

Homework also provides teachers with a means to assess the understanding and progress of their pupils, allowing for targeted support where needed.

Homework, when integrated with pupil workbooks, extends learning beyond the classroom. 

Key benefits of homework include:

  • Reinforces concepts taught in school.
  • Develops independent learning skills
  • Encourages parental involvement in the child’s education
  • Prepares pupils for upcoming lessons

Prim-Ed Publishing’s workbooks are designed to make homework engaging and relevant, fostering a love for learning.

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Experience the benefits of our pupil workbooks and teacher guides for UK primary schools. 

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