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Mathematics Worksheets & Primary Resources

Maths worksheets are an important tool for teaching mathematics in the primary classroom. They provide a structured way for children to learn maths skills and help teachers to deliver the National Curriculum in England. Prim-Ed Publishing's maths resources will support your teaching and ensure that all pupils make good progress.

Our mathematics resources include teacher resource books with photocopiable maths worksheets, pupil workbooks, games, interactive activities, homework tasks and box sets, which allow pupils to develop understanding, fluency and problem-solving skills in all areas of mathematics.

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The key concepts covered in these resources include counting, number sense, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, money, time, patterns, two-dimensional (2-D) shapes, three-dimensional (3-D) objects, position and movement, location, direction, angles and data.

Our resources are aligned to the National Curriculum in England for the primary mathematics programmes of study including Number, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics, Algebra, and Ratio and Proportion.

Mathematics lays a strong foundation for future learning and helps children develop reasoning and decision-making capabilities. Our maths resources are designed to help pupils to develop strategies for problem-solving, and written and mental maths tasks.


Maths worksheets are important in the classroom

Mathematics is a complex subject that can be difficult for many pupils to understand. Worksheets are a great resource for developing an understanding of all areas within the discipline as well as fluency with calculations and problem-solving.

Maths worksheets are a great way to engage with your pupils at all levels. Printable maths worksheets can be used individually, as a lesson plan, or used in the classroom to help revise concepts. For example, a teacher might give pupils a fractions worksheet to complete as homework. This can be helpful for pupils who haven’t mastered certain maths skills in the classroom.


Maths worksheets support the National Curriculum

Prim-Ed Publishing’s maths worksheets and workbooks are designed to cover the key concepts outlined in the primary curriculum and provide pupils with all the practice they need to succeed. The National Curriculum in England is a set of standards, outlining what pupils should be expected to know and be able to do at each stage of their education.

In order to ensure that all pupils meet the National Curriculum mathematics standards, teachers need access to high-quality resources that cover the key maths concepts.


Maths workbooks and worksheets promote learning

Prim-Ed Publishing’s maths worksheets have been developed to provide a rich resource for teachers and pupils from Year 1 to the end of primary school and into secondary school. Our resources provide opportunities for pupils to develop written and mental strategies, as well as problem-solving skills.

Here are a few of the unique maths titles in our range:

  • Maths Masterpieces: A unique photocopiable series that combines maths problems with famous works of art.
  • ‘Follow Me’ Loop Card Games – Mathematics: An interactive game using cards with questions and answers, which focuses on active listening and reinforces maths ideas and concepts.
  • Maths Through Language: Classroom tried and tested, these books develop mathematical problem-solving skills through language.
  • Motivational Maths: An excellent motivational resource for older pupils with activities based on mathematical 'tricks' designed to arouse curiosity and develop pre-algebra ideas.


Digital maths resources

Prim-Ed Publishing's digital maths resources for teachers are available in many different formats, including eBooks, lesson plans and editable pupil worksheets. These can be used on a range of devices, including laptops, computers and tablets.


A maths workbook for every child

Pupil workbooks are designed to provide each pupil with a comprehensive and structured daily maths programme.

The work is arranged in a week-by-week structure, with daily activities, games and puzzles to help pupils learn key maths concepts.

Pupil workbooks such as the New Wave Mental Maths series are a great resource to include as part of your maths lessons. Pupils are encouraged to practise, assess, monitor and record their own performance and foster a love for mathematics.


Maths games and activities

Maths games are a fun way to help motivate young primary school pupils in the classroom. Interactive activities provide opportunities for children to improve their problem-solving skills and reasoning ability through gameplay.

Games are ideal for individual, pair and group mathematics work and encourage learning in a relaxed environment.

Games and puzzles provide opportunities for children to reinforce skills and concepts while also using mathematical language.

There are many different types of maths games you can play in the classroom:

  • Number bingo
  • Counting and matching games
  • Shape-sorting games
  • Memory games
  • Dice games


Teacher notes

Helping teachers implement new mathematics lessons is made easy with the teacher notes that are included in our resources. These teacher notes provide a guide to using workbooks and worksheets, lesson plans, assessments, extension activities, curriculum links and materials needed in the classroom to aid children's learning.

Prim-Ed Publishing's range of mathematics resources will support your teaching. Our materials are aligned with the National Curriculum for England and are designed to engage and challenge pupils of all abilities. Contact us or browse the latest products for your school.


Frequently asked questions


Prim-Ed Publishing’s maths worksheets are suitable for children aged from early years to 11 years old (Nursery to Year 7).

Yes, maths worksheets can be used at home to support learning. They are a great way for parents to see what their child is learning in school and can be used to consolidate maths skills.

Yes, all of our maths resources come with assessments and answers. This allows teachers to track pupil progress and identify areas that need further teaching. 

Maths worksheets can help pupils who have difficulty grasping mathematical concepts by providing them with extra practice. This can be particularly helpful for pupils who have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties.

The National Curriculum is a framework that sets out what children should be taught during their time at school, with programmes of study for each key stage.

Digital resources are online tools that can be used to support teaching and learning. They can include ebooks, printable maths worksheets, posters, games, activities, simulations and video clips.