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New Wave Mental Maths: Year 6/P7 Extension
New Wave Mental Maths: Year 6/P7 Extension

New Wave Mental Maths: Year 6/P7 Extension

New Wave Mental Maths will sit comfortably with your mathematics programme. Day-to-day activities cover all mathematic strands and are developmental throughout each book and the series.

  • opportunities for consolidation of mathematical concepts to develop and maintain speed of recall
  • opportunities for reinforcement of ongoing mathematical concepts
  • introduce, practise and understand a range of mathematical vocabulary
  • sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary
  • develop and reinforce problem-solving strategies
  • a structured daily mental maths programme for the whole academic year
  • pictorial, graphic and written representation of problems - simple weekly pupil and teacher assessment (Yr2/P3 and Yr3/P4 books)
  • an inbuilt review and assessment programme (Yr4/P5 – Yr6/P7 EXT books)
  • wide curriculum coverage aids identification of ‘problem’ areas of maths, to help planning and assessment
  • clear two-colour presentation throughout
  • record pages provided
  • all mathematics strands and strand units applicable to mental activities are covered pages of useful ‘maths facts’ included
  • weekly testing/review for books Yr4/P5 – Yr6/P7 EXT - developmental books provide ideal opportunity for differentiation, with pupils working on a level appropriate to their ability rather than age

    I like the length and breadth of the weekly assignments. It gives my pupils a chance to review their learning and keep the information current.

    Jennifer Nealon, Head of Maths

    A great variety of activities in the books and my daughter loves using these to boost her knowledge.

    Nicola Stranney, Parent

    This is an excellent resource, ensures many concepts are revisited and consolidated. It allows an overview of strengths and where extra support is needed.

    Julie Bracher, Chartered Teacher

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