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New Wave Mental Maths

New Wave Mental Maths is a school-wide series that aims to strengthen pupils’ mental maths abilities; essential skills that underpin effective interaction with all aspects of the maths curriculum and problem solving situations.


  • A 40-week programme divided into a convenient Monday to Friday daily format. Designed for daily use in the classroom or as a structured, consistent homework, with enough material for the whole school year.
  • Aims to develop fluency in the basics of mathematics: huge emphasis is placed on daily computation/table practice to ensure quick and accurate mental recall of key number facts.
  • Sequential development and consolidation of core maths concepts and precise maths language used throughout for pupils to regularly encounter and understand the vocabulary of maths.
  • Ensures pupils meet all areas of the curriculum on a regular basis. Constant contact with number, measures, shape and data helps ensure links and connections develop in the pupils’ mathematical knowledge.
  • Problem-solving in both pictorial and word format aiming to encourage pupils to practise problem-solving strategies mentally.
  • Contains a strong assessment component (pupil record sheet) which allows pupils evaluate their progress each week.
  • Ideal for private tutors and parents wanting to help boost their child's mathematical performance (separate to schoolwork).

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