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Measurement & Geometry Worksheets

Maths and fun don't exactly go hand in hand. But with the right tools, any teacher can bring the fun back to maths. Maths is just as important as language; without it, you would have a tough time grasping concepts in other subjects such as science.

Why is maths important?

Maths takes centre stage when developing excellent problem-solving skills in pupils. It improves memory and helps pupils regulate their emotions. Additionally, the better a pupil is at mathematics, the more likely they are to excel at other subjects currently and in the future.


Features of Prim-Ed Publishing's measurement and geometry worksheets

Here are some interesting things children learn with Prim-Ed's measurement and geometry worksheets:

  • Length and width
  • Area and perimeter
  • Standard units of weight, volume and mass
  • Capacity and volume
  • Polygons – explore geometric shapes including square, circles, triangles, and rectangles
  • Three-dimensional shapes and objects such as pyramids
  • Location and transformation
  • Angles


Discover the properties of a circle

In this subtopic, pupils have fun learning the fascinating properties of a circle. Did you know that pi, the ratio of the circumference to its diameter, is a non-terminating decimal number?

Learn this and more jaw-dropping geometric facts with Prim-Ed geometry and worksheets.


Recognise examples of polygons

Pupils also learn that polygons are flat, 2-D shapes. They will also learn how to identify and differentiate between different kinds of polygons, such as convex, concave, simple and complex ones.


Understanding points, lines and angles in geometry

In this part, pupils interact extensively with lines, angles and surfaces. They will learn to define and work with the basic properties of a straight line, points and angles.


Differentiate between parallel, perpendicular and transverse lines

In this section, pupils will learn to make calculations that identify the type of line they are presented with. This way, they can tell parallel lines, perpendicular and transverse lines apart.


Measurement and geometry worksheets, photocopiable books, and activities

Prim-Ed Publishing's range of geometry and measurement resources include:

  • Essential Mathematics Concepts: photocopiable books designed to assist teachers in assessing mathematical progress
  • Extension Geometry: a photocopiable resource that explores the relationships between shapes.
  • Extension Mathematics: a photocopiable resource integrates mathematics with the other key learning areas of English, Science and Technology and Visual Arts.
  • Follow Me – Loop Card Games – Maths: a three-book series designed to reinforce basic mathematical skills using fun, interactive game cards.
  • Maths Back to Basics: series covering number, shape, measurement and data, available as an eBook and photocopiable book series.
  • Maths Homework - That’s Too Good For the Dog: a four-book series of high-interest maths homework designed to reinforce classroom learning.
  • Maths Masterpieces: photocopiable series which combines maths and art, using a jigsaw puzzle format.
  • Maths Minutes: practice questions in a speed-test format, ideal to begin each maths lesson
  • Primary Maths: a 12-book series with at least one activity for each objective of the Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Problem-solving Strategies and Skills: Measurement and Geometry: maths cards providing a wide variety of motivating maths and geometry problems
  • The Maths Box: seven-box series of maths activity cards written to support the teaching and learning of the new Mathematics National Curriculum for England
  • Time Matters: a two-book series covering topics on the language of time, telling the time, periods of time, daily routine, sequencing, and timing/duration.


Geometry revision worksheets make learning fun

In maths, accurate measurements is important so children can achieve success, so using the best quality measurement and geometry products is important. Using the right tools also plays a crucial role in learning and fully understanding mathematical concepts and skills. Here are a few ways measurement and geometry worksheets make learning fun for pupils:

  • Logic building: Pupils build a solid ability to solve problems logically using worksheets. Because this skill is transferable, the pupil can apply it in multiple areas in school and in the real world.
  • Easy for parents to enforce: Learning is encouraged both in class and at home, which is why worksheets are designed to help parents easily get the pupils to sit down at the dinner table or in their room to do their homework.
  • Spend time away from screens: With worksheets, pupils can peel their eyes off the nearest screen and focus on solving some fun geometric and measurement-based questions.


Measure and geometry basics for primary teachers

Prim-Ed Publishing's range of mathematics resources can help enhance your teaching and inspire primary pupils to excel in maths. Our high-quality materials align with the National Curriculum for England and are designed to engage and challenge pupils of all abilities.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also browse our latest collection of resources to find the perfect fit for your school.


Frequently asked questions


Geometry and maths are as related as weather and climate are to agriculture. Geometry is the study of lines, points and surfaces. More specifically, geometry studies the properties and relationships between these aspects associated with solids. Lines, surfaces and points cannot be studied without applying effective and accurate measurements. And your measurements are only as good as your tools.

Some of the topics you will cover in measurement and geometry mathematics worksheets include circles, angles, and parallel and perpendicular lines.

There are different digital resources available to both the pupil and the teacher. Some of them include e-books and maths worksheets that you can print.

Several scientific and technological fields require knowledge of geometry and measurements. Understanding geometry and measurements using geometry and measurement worksheets allows pupils to fully access full brain capacity through enhanced spatial understanding and 3-D thinking.