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Pupil Workbooks

With over thirty years of research and continuous development, we're more excited than ever about ensuring you have the right tools in the classroom.

That's why we're here to help you find exactly what your pupils need to ensure they have the perfect daily skills practice resource to meet the specific needs of your class and school group.

Get ready for back to school now...

Workbooks hold a distinct and valuable place, offering a multitude of advantages for pupils and teachers alike.

  • Daily practice for concept reinforcement
  • Engaging activities and illustrations
  • Bridging prior knowledge with new information
  • Addressing curriculum gaps
  • Enhancing existing curricula
  • Individualised learning insights
  • A nurturing space for skill refinement.

You can be assured that our bestselling series' are perfect for your classroom and your pupils for daily skills practice.


What do Prim-Ed's workbooks add to your booklist?

  • Daily skills practice and weekly assessments to ensure your pupils progress
  • Spaced repetition of concepts throughout the school year so you, the teacher, don't have to re-teach key concepts
  • Workbooks/daily skills practice is great for reinforcing taught concepts at home as well as in class