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Integrated Spoken Language

Practice spoken language skills through engaging activities and real-life scenarios. 

  • Integrated Spoken Language is a series of four books written to help children aged 4-8 years develop their speaking and listening skills.


  • Contains 25 theme-based units focused around 25 separate poster images to appeal to the interests of pupils.
  • Each unit presents a variety of engaging activities to develop and practise spoken language skills, including role plays, barrier games, story creation, debates and discussions.
  • Each unit contains photocopiable support materials for the activities that require them.  
  • Each activity is linked to a specific learning area, enabling teachers to select the activities and learning areas they want to address with their class.
  • The book is structured to allow flexibility of use: teachers can select the activity/activities according to the learning areas they have planned in their Language programme of work. In addition, each theme is a stand-alone, so teachers can decide on their own sequence.

Digital Posters:

  • An essential component of this brand new oral language resource.
  • There are four books in the series and each book includes 25 posters, provided as a digital download. A password to download these can be found inside the book you have purchased. 
  • Each poster can be downloaded and displayed on an Interactive Whiteboard, making it easy for teachers to use it for whole-class teaching.
  • The posters contain a mixture of colourful art and real-life photographs to engage pupils and encourage discussion.
  • The themes have been chosen to assist teachers approach oral language as a discrete lesson, while simultaneously allowing teachers to integrate most curricular areas, such as PSHE, geography, history, maths and science. 

Access the digital posters for Integrated Spoken Language here. 

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Books in this series: