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BrainSnack© is a problem-solving resource that contains 300 carefully graded maths problem-solving cards, which focus on guiding pupils towards a strategic approach to solving problems.

  • emphasises logical thinking, deductive reasoning, analytical skills and making decisions about which operations and strategies to use to effectively solve problems
  • excellent way for pupils to make connections in mathematics between the sections on number, shape, space and measures while applying this mathematical knowledge to a range of problems from a variety of contexts (a central aim stressed in the Mathematics Curriculum)
  • problems are presented visually using colourful, appealing pictures with simple and uncluttered language
  • generates rich discussions where pupils use precise mathematical language and vocabulary to explain and justify their reasoning and methods
  • can be used individually, in small groups or with a whole class (interactive whiteboard) all at the discretion of the teacher
  • helpful for SATs and other assessment approaches providing practice in dealing with various question formats found on such tests
  • includes a digital edition, enabling the teacher to present the cards to a large group via a projector, personal computer or interactive whiteboard

    We really love this product. It is great as a starter activity as it helps children to begin to think outside of the box and use logic to solve problems. One of the most useful things about it is the opportunity it provides to encourage children to think through their ideas and explain their choices to their peers. I want to know when a version is coming out aimed at younger children, they would love it and it would really support problem-solving skills in a fun way.

    Karen Pickett

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