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Fast Fiction: Teachers Guide
Fast Fiction: Teachers Guide

Fast Fiction: Teachers Guide

At just 32 pages each, the Fast Fiction series has been especially designed for pupils who don't yet equate 'reading' with 'enjoyment'. The compelling plots and colourful young-adult characters will be highly motivating to all the pupils in your class. Short sentences and paragraphs, along with extensive use of dialogue, are further enticements to a surprisingly enjoyable reading experience.

The series is also supported by a comprehensive Teacher Guide providing answers, a suggested lesson format, a generic book report form and four comprehensive copymasters to support each Fast Fiction title.

The four copymasters provide activities for:
  • before reading warm-up, designed to encourage pupils to think about what they might already know in relation to the concept of the book
  • during reading comprehension and language development
  • after reading summaries using the guided questions provided
Fast Fiction readers include the following titles:
  • Bus 99
  • Beasts
  • The Barge Ghost
  • Treasure at Silver Springs
  • Read my Lips
  • Ruby's Terrible Secret
  • Student Bodies
  • Tough Girl
  • The Dark Lady

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