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New Wave English in Practice: Yr2/P3
New Wave English in Practice: Yr2/P3

New Wave English in Practice: Yr2/P3

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New Wave English in Practice is a six-book English programme that concentrates on several core areas of English language learning, providing ample practice for pupils in these areas.

The wide and varied range of content in each pupil book focuses broadly on:
  • spelling
  • vocabulary and word study
  • grammar and punctuation

The content targets a wide range of English language structures and concepts within these broad areas and the emphasis is on providing pupils with daily practice using a concise question format. Repetition and revision help to consolidate the children’s learning. Like their maths’ counterparts New Wave Mental Maths, these books recognise, and take full advantage of, the value of incidental teaching and learning.

Teachers will welcome the focus on the common problem areas of the English language throughout the series. They will also appreciate how these books address different strands and objectives of the English curriculum in a concise and direct way. The emphasis on practice, repetition and revision will help pupils acquire and strengthen the skills they need to be competent and confident in their use of English.

New Wave English in Practice Teachers manual available to purchase separately.

    We love these books for revising all grammar topics throughout the year. They use technical vocabulary and exam style questions to quickly touch on lots of different aspects of grammar. They only take ten minutes to complete but keep children's grammar knowledge fresh.

    Claire Orr, Teacher

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