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The Maths Box: Box 3 (England/Wales)
The Maths Box: Box 3 (England/Wales)
The Maths Box: Box 3 (England/Wales)
The Maths Box: Box 3 (England/Wales)

The Maths Box: Box 3 (England/Wales)

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The Maths Box is designed and written to support the teaching and learning of the new national maths curriculum. With seven boxes, one for each year (EYFS - Y6), and at least one card for each programme of study. The cards are grouped by curriculum strands and sub-strands and enable pupils to work independantly, at their own pace.

Each box contains:

  • 75 high-interest, brightly-coloured cards (2 of each card, 150 cards in total)
  • 75 colourful answer cards
  • An explanation of the different parts of the activity and answer cards.
  • Answer recording sheets for pupils tracking and recording sheets for pupils and teachers, to aid assessment.

    The Maths Box is a great innovative resource, which compliments the creative approach we consider key to children’s learning. It encourages resilience, independence and confidence in maths learning, as children can’t wait to try new cards and better their score. The high quality resources are colourful, images appealing and our children see them as a fun activity and not necessarily school work. Our teachers use The Maths Box in a variety of ways, as part of a targeted intervention, independent extension, consolidating activity or short assessment. Our children can work independently, or in small groups. We bought the complete maths box series and its flexibility makes it an invaluable resource, as well as great value for money. Teachers can choose from different year group boxes to revisit previously taught objectives, or create opportunities to challenge high achievers. The use of multiple choice questions makes pupils’ understanding or misconceptions very clear, and the separate answer cards offer independence to even our youngest of learners. Our children can’t wait to use The Maths Box. As with all the Prim-Ed resources we use, they offer a great product for teachers and children.

    Jane Hainsworth, Headteacher, Adel St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School

    At Kilburn Park we teach a mastery-based curriculum, a key resource that contributes to the success of these lessons has been the set of Maths Boxes, each of which helps teachers to provide comprehensive practice in the key areas of numeracy, especially reasoning. Each card in the boxes clearly matches the National Curriculum objectives for each year group.

    Emer O’Reilly - Maths Subject Lead Kilburn Park School

    This box has been great for children who need more visual support with key maths skills. They are always keen to use it and it is so hand for a teaching assistant to deliver as everything you need is in one handy box.

    Louise Aldridge, Deputy Head Teacher and Inclusion Manager

    As I have a higher level box than my class, it is used as extension activities. It is great to deepen the children's understanding of topics already covered in class and for higher ability children self teach topics not covered.

    Helen Jones, Class Teacher

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