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The English Skills Box Video Series

To find out more about this series, and how to use it in your classroom, see the videos below:

The English Skills Box provides opportunities for pupils to read an exciting range of graded texts to support, match or challenge their needs and to creatively apply their skills and knowledge of English comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation.  


See our video series below:


The Assessment Side of Reading
Finding the Reading Balance
How to Use The Teacher Guide

The English Skills Box allows teachers to assess the pupils' reading to see if they are progressing. This allows teachers to easily see the impact the resource has on their classroom.

            The English Skills Box ensures pupils read for meaning and pleasure. It allows them to enjoy what they are reading, at the same time as developing their skills.               The Teacher Guide sets out a coverage map, so teachers are able to see which aspects of comprehension, which strand of grammar, punctuation and spelling are being tested on a particular card.
Cross-curricular Learning
Focus on GPS
A Resource that Saves you Time

The English Skills Box is more than just an English resource. The challenge section on each card is linked to other foundation subjects. This allows the opportunity for cross-curricular learning.


The English Skills Box ensures that grammar, punctuation and spelling from previous year groups are reviewed to reinforce knowledge and help pupils apply this knowledge throughout their learning.


The English Skills Box saves you time as it requires no further planning or photocopying. The boxes are versatile in their use and can be used as a whole-class, group or independent reading session.