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Spelling made fun

Spelling made fun

Spelling made fun

  • Tuesday 12 October 2021

Not all of us would revel in the thought of a Spelling Bee (anyone else feel stressed by the thought?) but that doesn’t mean we can’t make spelling fun for pupils! Read on for a few fun ideas you can use to capture and maintain pupils' interest when spelling.

  1. Stretch those vocal cords
    Composing songs and raps are a great way to make spelling memorable. Create some fun little jingles to help pupils remember particular words or spelling rules. You can do this yourself or you can ask your pupils to create their own. In fact, pupils may remember their own versions better than they will remember yours! 
  2. Games, games, games
    Most of us know by now that educational games are an effective way to engage children in their learning. Spelling is no different! Games like Scrabble and Boggle are great for spelling because they encourage thinking about words. Don’t have either of these? Create a crossword or word search for your pupils to solve!
  3. Wonderful word walls
    Word walls are a great addition to any classroom. Focus on a particular topic each week, depending on what you’re teaching. You could add the words yourself and your pupils could practise spelling them each morning or you could ask the pupils to write the words themselves as they come up throughout the week! Word walls are a fantastic way to have visual reminders for spelling relevant and tricky words as you cover new topics.

Now what?

Completed the activities above and need more spelling fun? My Spelling Workbook is for you! Each workbook contains 18 four-page spelling units, providing a new unit for every two weeks of the school year. With phonetically organised word lists and fun spelling activities, My Spelling Workbook provides engaging practice to help your pupils master spelling!

The series also has a set of interactive games to support your pupils’ learning. Through a multisensory approach to spelling, the games are an effective way to engage your pupils and make spelling fun! You can check these games out here.

What have teachers said about My Spelling Workbook?

‘The Teacher Guide contains a clear overview of everything that you need to know to be able to use the resource. The information provided makes this a really easy spelling scheme to use. The additional activities are both useful and practical, making spelling fun – the children really love them.’ Joanne Sheridan, Assistant Head Teacher

‘My Spelling Workbook has an interesting layout with engaging crosswords and word searches, which the children enjoy, and the colour and print is pleasing to the eye. I have used all of them and it’s easy for the child to comprehend and answer all the questions independently.’ Acquillia M, Teacher

‘My Spelling Workbook is a fantastic scheme that challenges pupils at an age-appropriate level and always includes high-frequency words on the list. The Teacher Guide has dictation for every unit, and alternating weeks of spelling and dictation has really improved children’s spelling.’ Claire Birmingham, Teacher


Interested in finding out more?

Check out more information here or download a free sample below.

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