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Design & Technology

Bring your pupils into the exciting world of Design & Technology!

Our project-based learning through Design & Technology series is designed to help teach pupils the content, skills and processes of the design and technology subject area. Through hands-on, real-world projects, four themes are covered – food, cooking and nutrition; clothing and textiles; building and construction; and technological advancements.

As they work on the project, the pupils are guided through each step through the provision of guiding questions and points to consider. Get your pupils engaged and develop their process and production skills with these amazing resources!

Box features
  • Six copies of every card allows for collaboration and flexibility within the classroom.
  • Seven projects in each theme allows pupils to pick and choose to their interests.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the Design & Technology: Project-based Learning teacher resource series.
Teacher resource features
  • Enquiry-based lessons to feed your pupils’ curiosity and level-up their prior knowledge.
  • Extensive teacher notes and thorough background information to guide your explanations and teaching.

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