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Handwriting Today

Help pupils develop neat, legible handwriting. 

Handwriting Today is a comprehensive joined cursive handwriting programme of four Pupil Books to help pupils develop neat, legible handwriting.


  • cursive style increases speed, fluency and spelling accuracy
  • research shows that cursive handwriting discourages reversal and transposition of letters and is also the recommended style for pupils with dyslexia
  • groups individual letters into 'families' based on the direction of formation, to aid teaching and learning
  • can be used in conjunction with 'My Spelling Workbook' where pupils can practice the words in cursive style to encourage word pattern retention once they have mastered individual letter formation
  • ensures that schools have a 'whole-school' approach to handwriting in terms of letter shapes, height and starting and ending positions, so pupils encounter the same style year after year
  • introduces pupils to the cursive style in a systematic and structured fashion, with numerous practice and review pages to ensure success

Handwriting Today uses a cursive font created to take the best from traditional cursive fonts and blends with the best of contemporary font designs to provide a smooth flowing, easy-to-write and easy-to-view handwriting font that will create habits that remain in later years. FREE Handwriting Today demo (PC version only) available to download.

Comprehensive downloadable Teachers Guide

Provides background information on the font in use, instruction on how to use the workbooks and additional activities to allow for differing abilities and levels of progress within the class group. Download each level here: 

Download a free sample


Books in this series:

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