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Handwriting Today

Unlock the full potential of your pupils' handwriting skills with Handwriting Today, a series of educational books tailored specifically for primary school children. Developed by the trusted experts at Prim-Ed Publishing, this programme aims to facilitate the all-round development of handwriting capabilities in young learners.

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Help pupils develop neat, legible handwriting

Handwriting Today is a comprehensive joined cursive handwriting programme of four Pupil Books to help pupils develop neat, legible handwriting.



  • Cursive style increases speed, fluency and spelling accuracy.
  • Research shows that cursive handwriting discourages the reversal and transposition of letters, and it is also the recommended style for pupils with dyslexia.
  • Groups individual letters into ‘families’ based on the direction of formation, which aids teaching and learning.
  • Can be used in conjunction with My Spelling Workbook, where pupils can practise the words in cursive style to encourage word pattern retention once they have mastered individual letter formation.
  • Supports a ‘whole-school’ approach to handwriting in terms of letter shapes, height, and starting and ending positions, so pupils encounter the same style year after year.
  • Introduces pupils to the cursive style in a systematic and structured fashion, with numerous handwriting practice and review pages to ensure success.

Handwriting Today uses a cursive font created to take the best from traditional cursive fonts and blend with the best of contemporary font designs to provide a smooth-flowing, easy-to-write, and easy-to-view handwriting font that will create habits that remain in later years.

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Comprehensive, downloadable Teachers Guide

Provides background information on the font in use, instruction on how to use the workbooks, and additional activities to allow for differing abilities and levels of progress within the class group. Download each brilliant Teacher Guide here: 


Handwriting Today develops key skills

Muscular coordination

Handwriting Today includes engaging exercises that focus on coordinating different muscle groups in the arm and hand, which are crucial for writing with control and precision.

Fine motor skills

Through intricate activities that involve gripping, tracing, and pattern following, our programme aids in the honing of fine motor skills that are essential for detailed handwriting.

Preferred writing hand

The series enables pupils to discover and develop their preferred writing hand, making the handwriting process more natural and effortless.

Pencil grip and posture

Our programme features a section dedicated to teaching pupils the correct pencil grip and posture, ensuring both comfort and accuracy when writing.


Additional benefits of handwriting practice books

Positive attitude

Handwriting Today fosters a positive attitude toward the art of handwriting, making the learning process more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Handwriting patterns

Structured exercises guide pupils through various patterns that closely mimic the movements required in handwriting, leading to more fluid and readable writing.

Visual memory

Our handwriting practice books incorporate visual aids and exercises that help in memorising the formation and shape of letters in the alphabet.

Fluent, legible writing style

With consistent handwriting practice, pupils are guided towards developing a handwriting style that is not only fluent and legible, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Following instructions

Learning to follow instructions carefully is an ancillary skill that pupils gain through our structured activities, contributing to their academic and personal success.


Why choose Handwriting Today?

  • National Curriculum-aligned: The programme aligns with current educational standards of the National Curriculum, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Teacher Guides: Accompanying the series are valuable teaching resources, including lesson plans and assessment sheets.
  • Progress tracking: Periodic assessments built into the programme support teachers and parents to track handwriting practice and evaluate progress.
  • Suitable for all ages: Handwriting Today offers a graded approach, making it suitable for learners at various stages of their handwriting journey.
  • Expertly developed: Created by educators and specialists in the field, the handwriting programme combines the best pedagogical approaches for effective learning.


Handwriting practice books from Prim-Ed Publishing

Handwriting is more than just a way to communicate; it’s an essential skill that can influence a child’s academic success and self-confidence. Handwriting Today, by Prim-Ed Publishing, is a comprehensive handwriting programme designed for primary school children to master the art and skill of handwriting. 

Get your copy to provide your pupils with the tools they need for handwriting success. Order online or for more information, contact our friendly team.


Frequently asked questions

What is Handwriting Today?

Handwriting Today is an educational book series designed to enhance primary school pupils’ handwriting skills while promoting effective learning.

What is cursive handwriting?

Cursive handwriting is a style of writing that involves connecting individual letters in a flowing and continuous manner. In cursive, the letters within a word are typically joined together, creating a smooth and elegant script. This style of handwriting is often characterised by slanted and looped letterforms, which can vary in complexity from simple cursive to more ornate styles.

Why is cursive handwriting taught in primary school?

Teaching cursive handwriting in primary school serves both practical and educational purposes. It equips pupils with valuable skills, improves their writing legibility and speed, connects them to history and culture, and fosters cognitive development.

Do the books include teacher's guides or supplementary materials?

To support educators, Handwriting Today offers Teacher Guides and additional materials for an enriched learning experience.


Books in this series:

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