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Learn from Home

Prim-Ed Publishing’s Learn from Home workbooks will help your child revise essential schoolwork whilst learning at home. Using the workbooks will keep your child in touch with schoolwork that matches their class curriculum. There are six workbooks, one for each year level (Year 1 - Year 6). Each workbook contains enough English, maths and science work for a one-month period. The work is arranged in a week-by-week structure, ensuring that English, science and maths are covered each week.

Each of the four weeks contains work on the following areas:


Reading and comprehension – two reading and comprehension texts are followed by comprehension questions and word reading questions, helping your child delve deeper into the meaning of texts.  

Grammar – two worksheets are provided which cover a range of grammar concepts.

Writing – a different genre of writing is focused on each week, with ample practice on analysing the style of writing before opportunity is provided for your child to write their own piece of writing.

Editing and proofreading – three worksheets on different topics encourage your child to examine text from the point of view of punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and grammar.


Material is taken from units that deal with number, measurement and geometry concepts. The objective of each activity is to reinforce and consolidate your child’s current mathematics knowledge.


Topics have been selected from different parts of the science curriculum, including the human body, plant and animal life, energy, forces and sound. Some simple experiments have been included in some of the workbooks.

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