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New Wave English in Practice (Revised Edition 2022)

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  • Six-workbook series
  • Suitable for Year 1 to Year 6
  • Reinforce English skills over a 32-week period (160 days)


  • Each book contains 32 weeks of work, arranged into four units. Seven weeks of each unit begin with a new ‘Skill Focus’, addressing a key language concept. Each day, the first two questions will reinforce and consolidate this language concept. The rest of the daily questions will cover common skills of English.
  • Energise your English programme through comprehensive and structured daily English practice to consolidate pupils’ ability to read and write.
  • Build pupils’ confidence through improved mastery of spelling, punctuation, phonics, word knowledge and grammar.
  • Target confusing words and common errors in writing and help your pupils to achieve better results.

Features of the 2022 Revised Edition

  • A reduction in the number of daily questions enables pupils to practise and consolidate a more contained range of language concepts.
  • A clearer, less-cluttered page layout to appeal to pupils.
  • Clear explanations of key language concepts in the weekly ‘Skill Focus’ section; helpful for pupils, teachers and parents.
  • A useful review week placed at the end of every unit.

Books in this series:

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