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Sounds in Focus

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A whole-school spelling and language programme from Year 1 to Year 6, and Primary 1 to Primary 7. 

Use Sounds in Focus at each class level, to develop language proficiency by continually developing:

  • spelling skills
  • vocabulary
  • grammar concepts
  • writing

Explore the Sounds in Focus approach

  • Sounds in Focus fosters an active, thinking approach to spelling. For each sound, the pupils are encouraged to ‘Explore the Sound’ by brainstorming and making lists of words that contain the sound. They then categorise and sort the words by the graphemes that are used. In this way, they begin to appreciate that a sound can be spelled in many different ways.
  • Sounds in Focus develops much more than spelling. It builds vocabulary and also ensures that words are used in context. Grammar elements are built into each unit, ensuring that teachers can work on these essential areas of writing in a holistic way.
  • Sounds in Focus is a whole-school spelling programme that uses the phonemic approach. This sound-to-letter strategy means that the sounds of English (called phonemes) are systematically taught and consolidated each year, while pupils learn to identify the letters that represent these sounds (graphemes).
  • The whole-school nature of the programme means that pupils are revising and building upon the same sounds each year. The programme ensures pupils become very comfortable with segmenting words into their sounds.
  • Each class level has 36 units of work, designed to fit into the school year. Each unit is based on a specific phoneme(s), and with the teacher’s help and assistance, pupils explore the grapheme(s) that can be used to represent it. Each unit is given a thorough treatment in the Teacher Guide, which guides the teacher through a Monday-Friday schedule of work.

Sounds in Focus Online has everything you need …

  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Teaching slideshows
  • Projectable Pupil Book pages – and answers
  • List and extension word segmenting tool – and answers
  • 200+ downloadable copy masters per year
  • Content and Diagnostic Tests with remediation
  • Separate teacher and pupil login areas

When your class adopts the programme: 

Get access to the annual subscription for just £9.99 per pupil. This subscription includes a wide variety of resources, including:

  • Workbooks full of stimulating activities, perfect for day-to-day use.
  • Teacher Guides provide lesson structure and explicit teacher instructions.
  • Sounds in Focus Online, an online portal featuring weekly lesson plans, teaching slideshows, projectable pupil books and so much more.
  • Support Materials include teaching charts, pupil glance cards, sound cards and much more. 

Please contact us at sales@prim-ed.com if you would like to find out more about our annual subscription.

Key features of the series

The Sounds in Focus series includes:

  • Teacher Guides: Equipped with comprehensive teaching strategies and lesson plans, the teacher guides serve as invaluable companions for educators, facilitating the seamless delivery of phonics instruction.
  • Pupil Books: The pupil books are designed with engaging activities and exercises providing ample opportunities for pupils to practise grapheme-phoneme correspondences and strengthen their sound knowledge.
  • Teaching Charts: Visual aids play a crucial role in reinforcing learning. The series offers teaching charts to supplement lessons, highlighting each consonant and vowel sound, and aiding in visualising phonemes and graphemes.
  • Pupil Glance Card: A handy reference tool for pupils, the pupil glance card provides quick access to essential phonics information.
  • My Book of Words and Sound: This book encourages pupils to apply their sound knowledge meaningfully through vocabulary and word recognition activities.
  • Sounds in Focus: Toolbox: In the toolbox, find flashcards, sound cards, and specialised resources meticulously curated to bolster pupils' spelling, speaking, and listening skills.

Phonemic awareness

The phonemic approach is central to the Sounds in Focus series, a pedagogical methodology that emphasises the smallest unit of sound in the English language—phonemes.

Through systematic instruction and practice, children develop the ability to manipulate phonemes, decode words accurately, and spell confidently. The series integrates phonemic awareness activities into the curriculum, laying a robust foundation for reading and writing proficiency.

Linking theory with practice

Understanding the relationship between graphemes and phonemes is fundamental to mastering the English language. The series provides a phonemes and graphemes chart, facilitating pupils' understanding of how sounds correspond to written symbols.

Skills covered in the series

The Sounds in Focus series covers essential skills necessary for mastering English phonetics. From vowel sounds to graphemes and phonemes, pupils will delve into the intricacies of sound knowledge, meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. Through engaging activities and exercises, children develop their speaking and listening skills, laying a solid foundation for literacy development.

Benefits of the series for teachers and pupils

For teachers, the Sounds in Focus series offers a comprehensive toolkit brimming with instructional strategies, assessment tools, and engaging activities. With ready-to-use resources and clear guidance, educators can seamlessly integrate phonemic instruction into their lessons, catering to diverse learning needs. Children, on the other hand, reap the rewards of a systematic and scaffolded approach to literacy learning, building confidence and competence with each lesson.

Teaching strategies in the classroom

Incorporating the Sounds in Focus series into your classroom instruction opens up a world of possibilities. From multisensory activities to interactive games, educators can utilise a variety of teaching strategies to cater to different learning styles. Whether it's using flashcards for visual reinforcement or engaging in phonemic awareness games for auditory learners, the series offers endless opportunities for meaningful and engaging instruction.

Experience the difference with Sounds in Focus

Unlock the potential of English phonetics with the Sounds in Focus series. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching journey, these resources provide the tools and support you need to empower your pupils with essential phonetic skills.

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