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Star Strategy Decodable Workbooks

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure to help your pupils spell and read confidently? The Star Strategy Decodable Workbook series is designed for parents, teachers, and anyone seeking a research-based approach to early literacy development.

Why choose Star Strategy Decodable Workbooks?

The Star Strategy Decodable Workbook series embarks on an exciting adventure to empower pupils with confidence and proficiency in reading and writing. Aligned with the latest research in the Science of Reading, these workbooks guide pupils through a systematic and cumulative approach to mastering essential early literacy skills.

Each workbook introduces six sets of letters and sounds, providing engaging multisensory activities, captivating decodable stories, and authentic texts to strengthen decoding, comprehension, and a love for language. With its emphasis on differentiated learning, continuous assessment, and confidence-building activities, the Star Strategy series unlocks the potential for all pupils to become thriving readers and writers.


  • Aligned with the latest research, the Star Strategy uses a systematic, cumulative approach to instruction, which is proven to foster proficient readers and writers.
  • Gradual progression, reinforcement, and celebration of progress build confidence and motivate pupils to excel
  • Fostering not just word recognition but also comprehension, the workbooks cultivate a genuine love for reading and contain multisensory learning activities, as well as diverse exercises, to keep pupils engaged.

Books in this series:

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