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The Comprehension Box

'The Comprehension Box; a chocolate box of delights that skilfully mixes high interest, knowledge, intellectual energy and self-efficacy.’
John Dabell, Writer and Editor - Read the full review here.

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The Comprehension Box is a comprehensive educational series designed to enhance reading comprehension skills in primary school pupils. With its alignment with the new curriculum and focus on developing a wide range of comprehension strategies, this series is an indispensable tool for teachers aiming to elevate their pupils' reading abilities.

The Comprehension Box can help you in your classroom today, assisting you to teach 12 comprehension strategies including inference, finding information, fact, and opinion through fiction and non-fiction texts. Working through these cards will lead to increased confidence when sitting a test as pupils will have had consistent practice using and applying the different comprehension strategies. 

How will The Comprehension Box benefit your classroom?


  • Benchmarked against the new curriculum to monitor progression.
  • Differentiated materials for teachers to access and to ensure all pupils are challenged.
  • Pupil-led resources – self-marking allows pupils to work independently.


  • Allows pupils to apply their comprehension skills across a wide range of text types.
  • Builds vocabulary and reading stamina - notable progress within a two-month period.
  • Huge emphasis on understanding the meaning of words in context.
  • Provides practice with a wide range of comprehension questions; for example, retrieving information and making inferences.
  • Ensures pupils read widely across fiction and non-fiction.

What’s in each box?

  • 150 colourfully illustrated cards with texts covering a variety of genres and text types.
  • Questions on the back of each card. 
  • 15 colour-coded sections.
  • Pupil Tracking Sheet Pad.
  • Questions on the back of each card.
  • Answer cards.
  • Easily downloadable Progression Guides.

Download the Progression Guides

Teacher resources

  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guide: Providing suggestions on how to explicitly teach reading comprehension strategies along with answers, pupil, and teacher recording sheets.
  • Progression Guides: Easily downloadable guides to help plan your teaching strategy.
  • Scope and Sequence Chart: For each card colour and number, the chart identifies strategies addressed on each card for teachers to see at a glance, aiding in effective planning and programmes of work.

Lexile levels

The Comprehension Box series is divided into three levels, each catering to different Lexile framework levels, allowing teachers to precisely match resources to the Lexile measure of each child. 

Match your pupils' reading level to the texts in each of the boxes.

Skills covered in The Comprehension Box series

This series is designed to cover essential reading comprehension strategies, including:

  • Sequencing
  • Predicting
  • Identifying the main idea
  • Summarising
  • Finding cause and effect
  • Inferring
  • Differentiating fact and opinion
  • Finding similarities and differences

These skills are crucial for reading proficiency and are developed through engaging with both fiction and non-fiction texts covering different genres.

Each card is designed to foster critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing pupils for both academic success and a lifelong journey of learning.

Teaching comprehension skills in the classroom

The series comes with a wealth of teaching strategies and activities designed to make reading comprehension instruction both effective and enjoyable. From group discussions to individualised tasks, the series offers diverse methods to cater to all learning styles.

Equip your classroom today

The Comprehension Box from Prim-Ed Publishing is more than just a teaching resource; it encourages children to work independently and develop a love of reading books. By choosing this series for your classroom, you're not only aligning with the latest curriculum standards but also investing in your pupils' future reading success.

Equip your classroom with this essential English resource and witness the difference it makes in your pupils' reading comprehension skills, confidence, and overall reading journey.

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Frequently asked questions

What age range is The Comprehension Box suitable for?

The series is expertly designed for primary school pupils, providing resources that cater to various reading levels and ages, from Year 2 up to Year 7.

How does The Comprehension Box align with curriculum standards?

The Comprehension Box series is benchmarked against the latest curriculum standards, ensuring that it supports and enhances the educational outcomes expected at each primary level.

Can The Comprehension Box be used for individualised learning plans?

Absolutely. The differentiated materials and the ability to match texts to pupils' reading levels make The Comprehension Box an ideal resource for tailoring individualised learning plans, catering to the unique needs and abilities of each pupil.

What support materials are provided with The Comprehension Box for teachers?

Teachers will find an abundance of support materials, including a comprehensive guide with teaching suggestions, comprehension questions, answer cards, pupil and teacher recording sheets, progression guides, and a scope and sequence chart for easy planning and assessment.

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