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Lizzie and the Birds Reader
Lizzie and the Birds Reader

Lizzie and the Birds Reader

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Lizzie and the Birds is a beautifully illustrated story from the writing team of Mick and Dawn Robertson. The story explores the relationship between Lizzie and her dad, and is a story about an unlikely friendship that develops between Lizzie and a group of rambunctious birds. This charming story, and its captivating artwork, is one that pupils in Years 1 and 2 will fall in love with. While being developed, it was trialled in many classes to overwhelmingly positive reviews (see below) and the ideas that came from both children and teachers identified the scope for further learning opportunities and the potential for creative expression. Written by an experienced teacher and English Language consultant, this book has enormous potential as a springboard for spoken language, leading into further reading and writing activities.

This book can be used for Guided Reading, or as a whole-class story to develop spoken language skills. All aspects of the English National Curriculum will be met through the book and its corresponding Teachers guide, and the writing produced by pupils will meet all the requirements for the end of KS1 testing. This book, and its corresponding Teachers guide are fantastic resources to use to support your English teaching and the children’s learning.

Free Digital Class Pack - The class pack contains the following: PowerPoint class lessons, word mats, exercises and worksheets. This additional resource is designed to accompany the Lizzie and The Birds Teacher Guide. Click here to download the digital class pack.   



    Our school recently used Lizzie and the Birds as a whole-school book study. The children absolutely loved the book and produced some fantastic displays and writing around Lizzie and her bird friends. Staff have also commented on how useful it was as a teaching tool.

    Kirsty Hughes, English Lead

    This book is the perfect text for teaching different genres of writing but keeping within the same theme.

    Jessica Longworth

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