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Maths Back to Basics - Data: Y1/P2 Unit
Maths Back to Basics - Data: Y1/P2 Unit

Maths Back to Basics - Data: Y1/P2 Unit

Includes: Possibilities, Categories, Data, Pictograms, Block graphs

Full Book Bescription:

Maths Back to Basics Activities for Class and Home is an excellent photocopiable homework package, with an activity for each week of the academic year. Features: - clear, comprehensive and back to basics approach - each activity focuses on one mathematical area - four sections, covering number,shape, measurement and data - simple and easy-to-understand instructions to aid independence - suitable for homework, classwork, teaching a new concept, revision and assessment - each pupil copymaster had an accompanying page of teachers notes, containing the objective, maths concept, curriculum links and answers.

**This eBook is not transferable, nor can it be on-sold or uploaded to an intranet site. For full copyright details, please see the Copyright Notice outlined in the eBook.**

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