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Primary Health and Values: Book A
Primary Health and Values: Book A

Primary Health and Values: Book A

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Primary Health and Values introduces and develops the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to help pupils lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

  • exciting seven-book photocopiable series to develop awareness of physical, social, mental, emotional and sexual health
  • first section of each book is on healthy lifestyles and includes activities on healthy eating, exercise, leisure, hygiene, medicines, smoking, alcohol, drugs, safety, emergencies, sex education and much more
  • second section of each book focuses on values, personal development and relationships and includes activities on rules, individuality, friendships, families, bullying, peer pressure, conflict resolution, goal setting, feelings, making decisions, worries and many more
  • wide variety of copymaster activities contain role-plays to perform, scenarios to consider, information to discuss, questions to answer or values to compare
  • each copymaster is accompanied by a page of teachers notes, providing:
    • activity objective
    • background information
    • lesson tips (discussion and what to do)
    • answers
    • additional activities
    • guided classroom activities and discussion encourages pupils to think critically about health and values issues and the challenges they face as they grow and develop

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