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Primary Maths: Year 6 - Book 1
Primary Maths: Year 6 - Book 1
Primary Maths: Year 6 - Book 1
Primary Maths: Year 6 - Book 1

Primary Maths: Year 6 - Book 1

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Primary Maths is a 12-book series with at least one activity for each objective of the Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics.

Each of the twelve titles includes a digital version of the book on CD and consists of:

  • at least one photocopiable activity page for each objective: number; measurement; geometry; and statistics • comprehensive teachers notes to accompany each activity
  • activity pages which can be photocopied or displayed on an interactive whiteboard. Teacher Pages Each book in the 2014 Curriculum Primary Maths series also has a selection of additional teacher pages to assist the busy teacher:
  • the objective is clearly defined on the teachers page and tells the teacher which strand and objective from the Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics is being covered
  • oral work and mental calculation activities are suggested, for introducing the lesson or sharpening/developing oral and mental skills. The activities should occupy the first 5-10 minutes of the lesson.
  • information on how to use the book and interactives
  • ideas for setting up a maths classroom
  • suggestions for additional activities and games. They can be completed during the lesson, or in subsequent lessons. They can be used to aid differentiation.
  • assessment checklists 
  • useful photocopiable resources; e.g. 2-D shape flashcards, place value charts
  • answers to all activities are provided

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