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The Literacy Box 1
The Literacy Box 1
The Literacy Box 1
The Literacy Box 1

The Literacy Box 1

The Literacy Box 1 has been created for use with Years 1 and 2, and P2/P3. Prepare your pupils for the terminology of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Tests, through practice questions in the format of the national tests. In doing so, pupils will also develop their comprehension of texts and increase their vocabulary and word reading skills.

The Literacy Box can help you in your classroom today, assisting you to:

  • Teach twelve comprehension strategies including inference, finding information, fact and opinion through fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Teach the correct grammar terminology.
  • Teach the meanings of prefixes and root words.
  • Allow your pupils to practise with questions that are in the format of the national tests.

Progression Guides will indicate where to start your pupils in the box and pupil progress can be monitored using the assessments. Download the Progression Guide for The Literacy Box 1.

    Great resources and question stems, easy to pick and choose to tailor to a child's needs.

    Dawn Ryder, English Leader/Teacher

    Teaching Assistants in school are using box 3 and are finding it brilliant for intervention as it gives them the grammar aspect as well as the comprehension side.

    Sarah Cadogan, Deputy Head Teacher

    Lots of good quality pick-up-and-go activities.

    Dave Marks

    Staff team really like the boxes - we are all pleased with the range of Q styles - particularly things like the link to pronoun use, definition of vocab and sound/spelling links. also, the fact that often all three answers COULD be plausible, but further reading is needed to be sure which is. We really like the range of reading texts too.

    Debbie Ogle, Teacher

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