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Writing Prompts: Box 2
Writing Prompts: Box 2

Writing Prompts: Box 2

Writing Prompts is a high-interest three box series that provides supplementary materials to support the classroom writing programme. These high-interest cards encourage children to express their creativity while learning how to write using a variety of styles.

Each box contains 200 writing cards, divided into 3 categories:

  • Imaginative
  • Informative and
  • Persuasive texts.

The cards can be used for independent work, whole-class discussions and small group work and most cards contain questions that will generate classroom discussions. Pupils may be assigned specific cards to work on independently or they may choose topic that interest them.

    It is hard to think up a wide variety of topics to stimulate all pupils. This box takes the pressure off me and gives the pupils motivation to write. Sometimes we adapt the topics - they are not limiting. They are arranged in genres, which is useful. I suggest that the sub-genres should have taller category cards, to make this resource even more user friendly. A valuable resource!

    Colette Jewel

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