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The Complete Spelling Programme Bundle


The Complete Spelling Programme is a seven-book photocopiable series that  has been designed by a team of educational consultants and teachers, with the aim of underpinning  a whole-school approach to teaching phonics and spelling. The programme is built upon the framework of a Teacher Guide, photocopiable worksheets and interactive software.  

The programme covers Year 1 / P2 to Year 6 /P7 Extension for more advanced pupils.


  • covers statutory word lists and other words from across the curriculum;
  • requires minimal planning from teaching staff;
  • explores sounds, letters and words;
  • teaches spelling rules and strategies;
  • inclusion of extension activities;
  • every ability range catered for;
  • assessments, pupil tracking sheets and class certificates; and
  • fun and engaging content and games with the software.

Programme contents:

  1. a photocopiable Teachers guide containing a multitude of activities to enable differentiation within the classroom including an explanation of metacognition and metacognitive strategies
  2. the second half of the resource contains a black and white workbook (for convenient photocopying) containing the 18 units of activities, one for every two weeks of the school year
  3. an interactive CD containing additional spelling activities and games to reinforce the concepts covered in the programme
  4. a digital version of the Teachers guide on which there is a full colour version of the spelling units in the programme, for projection onto an interactive board and direct printing of worksheets. This digital version contains a selection of teaching tools to highlight, cut, paste and bookmark.