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Reading for Me is a fun, new-style kids’ literacy series that helps them to become independent readers through engaging daily activities. The series caters to different year levels, with six books, each broken into two parts.

Part A (60 texts) is a physical workbook that uses different writing styles and functions, such as imaginary, factual and persuasive, to facilitate pupils’ reading in both the classroom and at home. Each short story is accompanied by six questions that gauge a child’s reading skills and help to develop them as they move through the series.

Part A includes access to Part B (additional 60 texts), an online portal built to encourage fantastic collaboration between students by giving teachers the ability to project the stories and questions onto a screen for all to see. Part B also includes the answers to Part A online. Click here to check it out or watch it in action above.


Introducing the series

As a parent or teacher, it’s important to help your child develop their literacy skills from an early age, but it can often be difficult to find the right resources and techniques for doing so. That’s why Reading for Me is such an innovative series.

By combining workbooks with a sense of enjoyment and confidence in reading at home, children are able to develop their literacy skills and love for reading simultaneously.

The Reading for Me series is designed to help children in Years 1 to Year 6 develop important reading comprehension skills in line with the national curriculum. The six books (for each stage of learning) are filled with fun stories and engaging activities to make reading enjoyable for pupils, and easy for teachers.


Features of Reading for Me pupil workbooks

Each workbook contains sixty original texts based on topics familiar to children – including animals, family life, hobbies, and science – that help kids to understand the context while they learn new words and phrases.

  • There are six levels in the series, suitable for Year 1 to Year 6.
  • There are 2 workbooks per year level, with each containing 15 weeks of texts.
  • Workbooks include Part A (printed paperback format) and Part B (digital online format).
  • Each part contains 60 texts of three different types: factual, imaginative, and persuasive.
  • This series uses a dyslexia-friendly font to make the text more accessible for children.
  • The series provides texts with accompanying questions to help develop reading skills; these are designed to improve reading comprehension skills as students progress through the series. 


How Reading for Me works

The Reading for Me series is designed to improve reading comprehension skills as pupils progress through the series.  The workbooks are tailored to different year levels and the texts correspond to the national curriculum.

Each book contains 60 texts and questions, divided into two sections. The first section focuses on developing reading skills by providing text and accompanying questions designed to help develop an understanding of what is read.

In the second section, children answer questions that relate directly to the text they have just read. This helps them identify key points in each piece of writing, which develops their comprehension skills further.

This book series helps children to become independent readers by providing texts of different types and levels of difficulty, accompanied by questions that assess understanding.


What you can expect from the Reading for Me series

This series provides a range of engaging activities that help support early literacy skills development. It is both fun and challenging for pupils as it covers a wide range of topics with texts adapted for different abilities.

By using Reading for Me regularly at home or in a classroom setting, kids will not only gain valuable literacy skills but also develop an appreciation for the power of storytelling. They will learn how to express themselves through both writing and drawing while also understanding key concepts such as organisation and communication.

Parents will appreciate being able to monitor their child’s progress through online assessments that track performance over time. With these tools in place, parents can ensure their child is developing the necessary skills needed for success later in life!

Developing confidence and enjoyment

The workbooks aim not only to teach children important reading skills but also to foster a sense of enjoyment and confidence in their ability to read independently at home. The stories included in each book bring the characters to life with vibrant illustrations and engaging plots so that children will be excited about delving into them on their own.

Fun and engaging activities

The activities found throughout the books are designed to be fun yet educational for children so that they stay engaged with their reading materials. Additionally, each activity is structured so that it builds on prior knowledge while also giving room for success as they move through the materials. This helps build a child’s confidence as they progress through the program and encourages them to continue engaging with their reading material even after completing each book in the series.


Reading for Me is an innovative way to support early literacy skills

Reading for Me workbooks offer parents and teachers a great way to help kids build their literacy skills while giving them plenty of enjoyable activities along the way! The engaging stories coupled with fun activities make it an ideal way for parents and teachers to foster a love of reading in children while introducing them to key literacy concepts.


Frequently asked questions

What is the Reading for Me pupil workbook series?

The Reading for Me pupil workbook series is a fun, new-style kids’ literacy series that helps them to become independent readers through engaging daily activities. The Prim-Ed Publishing series caters to different year levels, with six books, each broken into two parts.

How many books are in the Reading for Me series?

There are six books in the series, each divided into two parts. Each book is designed to provide 60 texts for each level of pupils from Year 1 up to Year 6.

What year levels are the Reading for Me books appropriate for?

The Reading for Me books are appropriate for pupils from Year 1 up to Year 6.

What are the benefits of using the Reading for Me pupil workbook series?

The Reading for Me pupil workbooks help to develop reading comprehension skills in pupils, enabling them to become independent readers. The books provide a variety of activities and exercises that are both fun and engaging for young learners. Additionally, the series is closely aligned with the national curriculum and supports key learning objectives at each year level.

Can I purchase the workbooks individually or do I have to buy the whole series?

You can purchase the Reading for Me pupil workbooks individually, according to your pupils’ year level. Each book is broken into two parts (A and B) and contains 60 texts for full coverage of each topic.

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