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Science: A STEM Approach: Primary 3 (Scotland/Northern Ireland)
Science: A STEM Approach: Primary 3 (Scotland/Northern Ireland)

Science: A STEM Approach: Primary 3 (Scotland/Northern Ireland)

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This teacher resource builds on the successful model of integrating STEM into the curriculum through teaching the science part of a topic and then following this with two to three weeks completing a technology and/or engineering project.

By the end of P7, pupils will be well prepared for secondary school, particularly in the areas of science, technology and engineering.

Each book in the series features:
  • four units with four STEM projects, covering—living things, energy and forces, materials and earth and the environment;
  • a medium-term plan and easy-to-follow lesson plans for each unit;
  • ideas for incorporating technology in the classroom;
  • background information for the teacher;
  • resource sheets; and
  • a range of assessment activities.

    Another excellent approach. The lesson plans are detailed and cover both skills and content aspects of the curriculum. We have quite set foundation subject methods, however it was easy to adapt some of the Prim-Ed resources into our planning and made assessing the children's learning easier and much clearer. I have shared this resource with some subject leads and look forward to it feeding into planning next year particularly. Furthermore, the use of concept cartoons throughout have given me a rich base of resources to draw on for assessing in Science.

    Alex Gilbert

    The cross-curricular links are good and tie in well with specific Science Units. The staff particularly like the STEM project at the end of each unit.

    Stacey Euden, Assistant Head Teacher

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