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The Spelling Box Year 1/ P2
The Spelling Box Year 1/ P2
The Spelling Box Year 1/ P2
The Spelling Box Year 1/ P2

The Spelling Box Year 1/ P2

Boost your Year 1/P2 group spelling scheme with The Spelling Box!

Flexible and easy-to-use:

With 100 cards featuring activities that will improve pupil’s spelling, The Spelling Box is the resource you need to take your spelling scheme to the next level. Designed with flexibility in mind, this resource can be used with ANY spelling scheme and ANY spelling list.


  • Suitable for Year 1 / P2
  • 100 cards in a box
  • Based on nine well-researched spelling skills and strategies
  • Includes downloadable supporting resource sheets
  • Don’t forget to keep spelling fun with our ‘Just for Fun’ cards!
  • Strategies to unlock spelling mastery

Examine which spelling strategies are already being used in your classroom and what additional support is needed to improve pupil’s spelling abilities.

Plan how to help your pupils. Consider grouping pupils by capability levels or create individualised plans to tackle gaps in their spelling knowledge.

-Engage and differentiate (individualise)
Engage pupils with a wealth of hand-on activities, based on nine well-researched skills and strategies. The cards allow different learning styles to thrive.

-Make it fun!
Spelling can be fun, too! Bring joy to the classroom with some of the ‘Just for fun’ cards, which introduce games that help pupils have fun with spelling.

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