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My Spelling Workbook

Spelling is an important life skill that helps children to communicate effectively. My Spelling Workbook aims to make the learning process fun and engaging, whilst teaching children essential spelling strategies.

My Spelling Workbook is a phonetic spelling programme that focuses on teaching spelling strategies using a variety of spelling activities and spelling games. Suitable for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6/Ext, the Prim-Ed Publishing workbook series My Spelling Workbook teaches pupils how to spell correctly and develop English language skills.

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Spelling resources for teachers

As a teacher, you know that spelling is an essential skill for your pupils. But with so many different spelling programmes out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Prim-Ed Publishing’s My Spelling Workbook series has been designed to provide you with everything you need to effectively teach your pupils how to spell.

  • Focus on creative teaching strategies for spelling success.
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide that will help you implement the programme in your classroom.
  • Supported by additional resources including dictation, assessments, games and worksheets.

With the My Spelling Workbook series, you can trust that your spelling programme is effective, engaging and fun!


Why teaching children to spell is important

Many pupils find spelling a difficult and uninteresting task. However, spelling instruction is essential in primary school as it helps to build a foundation for future literacy skills.

  • Firstly, it helps pupils to develop their reading ability. By learning to spell, pupils build their knowledge of the alphabetic system and how it is used in reading. This, in turn, makes them more confident and proficient readers.
  • Secondly, spelling skills lead to confidence in all aspects of literacy. If pupils can spell confidently, they will be more likely to take risks and experiment with writing. Independent spellers will be less likely to shy away from using new words, as they will know that they can spell them correctly.
  • Finally, good spelling helps pupils to communicate clearly and effectively. In an age where much communication takes place online, learning to spell correctly also helps pupils to avoid making mistakes in other schoolwork and later in life.

Learning to spell correctly is an important part of pupils' education. Giving pupils regular practice and providing corrective feedback, will help to improve spelling and develop communication skills.


The ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ spelling strategy

Look, say, cover, write, check’ is a simple but effective strategy for learning spelling.

The idea is to look at the word, say it out loud, cover it up, write it from memory and then check the correct form of the word to see if you have spelt it correctly.

It is especially useful for pupils who are struggling with their spelling or who have made mistakes in their writing work. By using this strategy regularly, pupils will quickly overcome any spelling difficulties they may have. In addition, they will develop a deeper understanding of how to spell words correctly.

For teachers, the strategy of ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ is an invaluable tool for primary school children learning to spell with success.


Features of the Prim-Ed Publishing My Spelling Workbook series

The spelling book series is a fantastic spelling resource for teachers, parents and pupils. The books are packed with activities, games and progress charts that help pupils to master spelling.

  • A seven-workbook series, designed for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6/Ext.
  • Workbooks cover and introduce key phonics concepts with 18 four-page spelling units per workbook – one for every two weeks of the school year.
  • Full-colour pages with phonetically structured word lists.
  • Uses the ‘Look, say, trace, cover, write, check’ spelling method.
  • Creative, multi-sensory approach to spelling to make pupils more aware of their own individual learning style and activities to develop visual memory.
  • Provides opportunities for pupils to retain spelling patterns, word meanings, and vocabulary.
  • Improves spelling accuracy through a variety of active learning methodologies.
  • Opportunities to learn how to spell commonly used functional words.
  • Assessment of spelling in context through dictations supplied for each unit.

The My Spelling Workbook series is the perfect way for primary school pupils to learn spelling.


Prim-Ed Publishing resources for teachers and educators

The My Spelling Workbook series is a fantastic resource for teachers. It helps pupils to learn spelling in a fun and engaging way.

The books are designed to be used in primary school classrooms, and they cover all the key spelling rules. The books contain a wealth of activities and games to help pupils master the spelling of difficult words. As well as being great fun, the books also help to build confidence in all aspects of literacy.

The My Spelling Workbook series from Prim-Ed Publishing is an essential tool for any primary school teacher.

Check out the complete range of spelling activities and resources published by Prim-Ed, or contact us to find out more!

Interactive spelling activities and games

Prim-Ed Publishing's My Spelling Workbook series also gives you access to additional interactive spelling activities and games for the whiteboard. These reinforcement activities help children develop their spelling skills.

  • Phonics skills
  • Word meanings
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Maths and computer words

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