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My Spelling Workbook: Book C
My Spelling Workbook: Book C

My Spelling Workbook: Book C

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Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book C
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  • 18 four-page spelling units - one for every two weeks of the school year
  • full-colour workbook containing spelling activities with phonetically organised word lists 
  • an active multi-sensory approach to make pupils more aware of their own individual learning style and activities to develop visual memory
  • uses the Look, Say, Trace, Cover, Write, Check method
  • opportunities for pupils to retain spelling patterns, word meanings and improve accuracy through a variety of active learning techniques
  • opportunities to learn how to spell commonly used functional words
  • assessment of spelling in context through dictionaries supplied for each unit
Curriculum Links for Book C include:
  • Spell high and medium frequency words
  • Recognise a range of prefixes and suffixes, understanding how they modify meaning and spelling, and how they assist in decoding long complex words
  • Spell unfamiliar words using known conventions including grapheme-phoneme correspondences and morphological rules

    The spelling workbooks allow for progression, reinforcement and consolidation.

    Maria Dunn, Teacher

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