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STEM Projects: Primary 2 (Scotland/Northern Ireland)

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The STEM Projects series provides opportunities for pupils to creatively apply skills and knowledge in science; craft, design and engineering; numeracy and mathematics; and digital technology, whilst completing short- or long-term projects. Each STEM Projects series box (P1-P7) contains a set of cards on a range of topics linked to the science curriculum for excellence, but their variety also allows them to be successfully incorporated into a cross-curricular approach to topic teaching. Each topic contains key learning objectives and covers contemporary environmental themes such as recycling and horticulture. 

The STEM projects series contains: 

  • two introductory cards explaining STEM education, including: time allocations for using the cards; tips for planning, differentiating, assessing and supporting teaching and learning; and classroom and resource management ideas; 
  • one card with icons, explaining each step of the designing and making process, in child-friendly language; 
  • one card explaining each science strand; how the projects can be linked to craft, design and engineering; numeracy and mathematics; and digital technology; and providing an overview of each project contained within the strand, including the task and specific design and technology strands of learning;
  • six short-term projects and one long-term project covering living things, energy and forces, materials and earth and the environment; and 
  • six copies of each project to allow for small-group use.

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