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Phonological Awareness Skills

The five books in the Phonological Awareness Skills series were developed to assist early years teachers develop these important skills with their children.

The activities are predominantly speaking and listening activities for four-year-olds but are also appropriate for pupils who struggle with letter-symbol correspondence, those beginning to read and older children who need support.

The skills in the books are presented in developmental order, so those in Book 1 should be completed before those in Book 5.

The books in the series include:

  • Book 1: Auditory Discrimination, Rhyming and Alliteration
  • Book 2: Segmentation and Syllabification, and Blending
  • Book 3: Phoneme Matching and Phoneme Isolation
  • Book 4: Phoneme Completion, and Phoneme Addition and Deletion
  • Book 5: Phoneme Segmentation, Phoneme Substitution and Phoneme Reversal
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Books in this series:

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